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"Chicks is a sharp genre-defying take on a classic teenage girl slumber party, addressing the stereotypes and media portrayals of female friendship with humor."

-Jenifer Westphal (Founder of Wavelength Productions)

“Chicks invites the viewer to rethink on-screen depictions of teen female friendships, which are typically fraught with needless rivalry and manipulation."

"Its vivid, ambitious finale will leave you reeling: an overall audience pleaser with just the right amount of WTF."

-Kevin Conner (Senior Programmer, NFFTY)

"Chicks is a fun horror comedy, oozing with style. It serves as a strong showcase for Writer/Director Geena Marie Hernandez."

-Curt Wiser (OC Movies, TV & Streaming Reviews)



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"I recommend you see Chicks, and if you can, at a film festival near you. This really is the kind of raucous, wild ride that would be fun to see at a crowded midnight screening."

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"If you're a nice girl... beware of CHICKS."

Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 2.53.56 PM.png

"If you like fun, stylistic “WTF” movies where you’re not sure where it’s heading but you’re totally down for the ride, Chicks definitely has that."

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Read about why CHICKS was selected for the 2021 WAVE Grant, given to BIPOC women filmmakers and created by the multi Sundance winning studio Wavelength Productions.

Start at 15:22 to hear some CHICKS talk

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